The rules are simple:

Use active listening and reading skills

Have some degree of Emotional Intelligence (IQ)

Have fun and get along with others

Do not kill our buzz

Do not bully others

Do not bring hate speech

Do not post or encourage illegal activity (you will be banned and possibly reported to the appropriate authorities).

If you would not say it to a person’s face, do not say it in a post

Civil disobedience is encouraged, Destructive and harmful rioting is not (You can keep that 💩 on Facebook and Twitter)

Disagreements on post that are reported are publicly voted on to determine if it goes against social norms. Majority vote will determine if the post is removed or stays

The site managers are not Dictators and do not have the power or the authority to overrule the majority rule.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, be prepared to argue (discuss) your point.

Fact checking is up to the individual posting and reading the content. Fact check this 🖕Facebook and Twitter!

Creating groups and pages are encouraged to get us back to togetherness.

Your data is yours and does not belong to anyone else. No one at Digital Republic will sell your data or your rights to that data.

Have fun and make new friends  ✌️