Digital Republic World (DRW) is a "Freedom of Speech" platform for the people, and in the future, will be run by the people. 

Say GoodBye to the Corporate & NSA Run Social Sites

You should know who has possession of your data when you sign up for a free account anywhere on the web. At DRW, you maintain complete control of your data. It will not be sold to other 3rd party corporations. You have complete authority and power over your data.  

DRW Values

  • The people, not profiles, come first.
  • User privacy is protected at all cost unless it violates Federal & State laws, and cultural norms.
  • Community is the most important value at DRW. Our developers do not see profiles, we see people. 
  • DRW will remain a servant platform to the people. It will not sellout to the Government or Corporations. 
  • The majority public vote (DRW users) will be upheld and honored.
  • Creating a safe space and environment for everyone. 

Thank you for choosing DRW,

Penny (JC) Tilton, DRW Developer


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